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Dr. Myland Brown

Dr. Myland Brown lived his childhood as a cotton-picker, which became the primary source of income necessary to purchase books and clothing for school.  For several years, kerosene lamps were the only light source at his home, but this did not dwarf his enthusiasm for learning.

When he completed high school, college wasn’t an open opportunity for him, but as if a miracle developed, an offer to attend Alabama State College on a work-study scholarship was his ticket.  Dr. Brown earned his bachelor and master’s degree from ASC, Montgomery, Alabama.  A Doctoral teaching Fellowship at Ball State University led to a doctorate degree (Ed. D) in 1968.  The work-study scholarship to ASC initiated a distinguished forty-five years in education, from 1959 to 2004.


Dr. Brown’s ethnic origin attracted all the racial barriers peculiar to the United States.  The military draft rescued him for two years (1953 – 1955) from the U.S. at large.  An honorable discharge was received from the United States Army upon completion of his duty as a military policeman.